Gelato Tradition
Ancient Romans are well known for their love and passion for food and wine, a characteristic that has been passed on to their descendants: Italians! But, did you know that the first recipe of iced milk dessert can be traced all the way back to old Rome?

This Gelato dessert was a combination of honey, nuts and fruits, chilled with snow collected in winter and kept in large insulated underground caves in order to have “Gelato” all year around.

This recipe would not see significant change until 1686 when a Sicilian fisherman named Francesco Procopio worked on a sort of Gelato machine, and moved to Paris, France, where he opened “Café’ Procope” and successfully started the first Gelateria.

Since then Piazze, (squares), and streets around Italy, and later throughout Europe, have been populated with Gelaterie. Tens of different flavors are offered for customers with different requests. Some of the most famous Gelaterie in cities like Florence and Rome offer up to several hundreds of flavors ranging from traditional flavors like chocolate and panna, to exotic ones like passion fruit and peperoncino.

At Dolcevita Gelato US we only use Italian Gelato equipment to manufacture our products, and with the experience of many centuries of developing and perfecting recipes in the old Italian tradition, we proudly offer hundreds of different flavors to satisfy the most demanding and discerning palates!